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Upswing Farm Shares And Seedlings
Contact: Brittany and Kevin Overshiner
Address: 65 Brookline St Pepperell, MA, 01463
Phone: 857-383-7020
About Us
Brittany Sidway Overshiner

Brittany started on the farming path when she realized in college that being an organic farmer was an actual opportunity. It combines her passions for environmental and social justice, community and individual well-being, working hard, working creatively, and being healthy.

By farming in a way that is respectful of natural resources, employees, and community she is able to create an alternative to the products of the corporate food system which exploits resources and labor to produce profit margins for a very few. She believes food can be affordable and accessible without compromising its nutritional value or the ability of future generations to produce their own food. She believes we can feed ourselves well and still pay farm laborers a fair wage and keep poisons out of our water, air and bodies.

Since 2007 Brittany has worked on farms in Up-State New York, British Columbia and the Boston Metro-West area. In 2010 she was the founding farmer at Medway Community Farm where she was able to manage the full process of building a farm business from the ground up, with almost no start-up capital. It was a serious lesson in boot-strapping, and the value of sweat equity. In just 5 years she led the creation of a 3 season CSA, farmers markets, farm stand, a school to farm program that serves over 650 public school students, a diversified education program, volunteer program and hunger relief program.

Brittany has completed the Beginning Women Farmers Holistic Management Training Course and the MDAR Farm Business Training Course. She has a degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in history from Northeastern University. She also has a background in outdoor education, having worked for the YMCA of Great Buffalo for 5 summers as a counselor, swim and boating instructor, and ultimately as the Assistant Program Director.

Kevin Overshiner

Kevin has been farming since 2010 when he joined Brittany as a volunteer at Medway Community Farm because she didn't have any other time to go on a date.

From 2011-2013 he worked part time at a friend’s farm in Dover, who was able to provide farmer-training, and eventually, as Kevin’s skills developed and Brittany grew the Medway Community Farm business, there became room for him as a full-time farmer. Kevin joined Brittany and Upswing Farm full time in 2017.

Kevin has a degree in Audio Engineering and Sound Design from Emerson College (which really comes in handy on the farm . . . ) and a fabulous sense of humor.